Meet Me

Photo of Adebisi Adewusi Freelance supply chain logistics retail technology writer

Hello! I’m Adebisi,
a freelance writer.

Helping companies increase their bottom line with content continues to get me out of bed and brightens my day. 

Whether it’s case studies, reports, whitepapers or simply blog posts, I specialize in using my communications and storytelling skills to help logistics and retail technology companies communicate their brand messaging and create sharp on-brand content to grow their business.

With over five years experience working in different communications capacities, my most tasking assignment was writing about the internet of things and the funniest was how to save a phone from water damage with rice.

I believe in giving back. So when I’m not helping clients make money, you’ll find me developing communication strategies for  women and STEM focused non-profits. 

What I’m watching? Billions. #TeamWendy 

Last book I read? Song of Solomon-Toni Morrison.

What’s on my playlist? 80s RnB, Rock and Afro Pop.

Fun Facts;

I got featured on BBC’s Why Factor and hosted a drive time radio show :). Now you know a few things about me, let’s talk about how I can help you grow your business.